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Landscapes Are Not Neutral

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Rhoden Arts Center
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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Landscapes show more than just the beauty of the natural environment—they also reveal the biases, agendas and historical problems of the times from which they come. This afternoon of expert talks sought to acknowledge the missing stories and difficult narratives embedded in early American landscape traditions of representation, bringing to the foreground the role of native populations, women, and people of color during the early years of the American experiment. Moderated by Dr. Anna O. Marley, Curator of Historical American Art. 



1:30 Settler Colonialism in the Aftermath of the American Revolution
Ned Blackhawk
Professor of History and American Studies at Yale University
2:15 Between Poetry and Paint: Robert S Duncanson and the Song of Hiawatha
Anna Arabindan-Kesson
Assistant Professor in African American Art/Art of the Black Diaspora at Princeton University


The Demise of the Scenic Schuylkill
Elizabeth Milroy
Department Chair; Professor of Art & Art History at Drexel University

3:45 Roundtable discussion with afternoon scholars moderated by Anna O. Marley