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Kalimbrrd Sonic Tour

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Fisher Brooks Gallery
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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Lori Waselchuk
image of a person sitting a top of a rock on a hill holding a wood and metal kilimba (thumb piano) over their face.

Join Petra Floyd as she sculpts a sound space in response to John Rhoden's sculptures and travels. Kalimbrrd Sonic Tour is a one-hour gallery experience marking each decade of John Rhoden's 60-year career. Kalimbrrd is a an ongoing, multisite, and participatory sound sculpture, in which visitors are invited to play amplified toys and makeshift instruments to sonically reshape art galleries. Petra will lead us on an unforgettable tour of Determined To Be: The Sculpture of John Rhoden. We will travel through time immersed in Rhoden's magnificent sculptures and instruments that reference his sculptural forms. 

Registration for Kalimbrrd Sonic Tour includes museum admission.  

Petra will also lead the workshop, Electric Boogie Too Workshop at PAFA on Friday, February 16, 7:00 PM. Learn more here

bio photo of Petra Floyd, a brown-skinned person wearing a white baseball cap, blue lipstick, and long wooden geometric earrings.

Petra Floyd received a BA in Studio Art from Swarthmore College in 2012. They earned an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art in 2022, where they received a Lea Simonds graduate fellowship, project funding from The Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art@ the Frontier, and the inaugural Ken Meyer Professional Studio Development award. Petra is a BLK ART LAB artist-in-residence at Pittsburgh's Protohaven makerspace and a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council's Black Arts Action Committee. They are a 2022-2023 recipient of The Pittsburgh Foundation's Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh and the Heinz Endowments' Creative Development awards. They have been a Freshworks artist at Kelly Strayhorn Theater (2021), a resident artist at 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program (2016- 2017), a Fob Holder at Second State Press (2016), and a Post-college Apprentice at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (2014).

Petra Floyd {she/they} is a queer first­ generation Liberian-American multidisciplinary artist and designer raised by working-class immigrants in Philadelphia, and she lives and works in Pittsburgh. Petra makes whatever she wants, however she wants, ideally making herself laugh throughout the process. Petra values improvised, devised, and collaborative modes of making and thinking. She links up with other instigator-activators to craft small moments and performances using close-at­hand materials and resources. Petra dreams about group movement and gameplay spaces for self-reflection and expansion. She makes sounds, videos, drawings, and performances happen, with feeling.