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Short Story Writing Workshop: Flash Fiction

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Susannah Fishman
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Good storytelling allows us to lose ourselves in different worlds by immersing us so thoroughly in the creative imagination of others that we momentarily suspend our disbelief.

In this two-day, weekend workshop for teens, you will write immersive flash fiction—no more than 500 words!—that uses the best storytelling tools available. Take an idea from your own culture or lived experience, build on a comic or illustration you’re already working on, or compose a creative glimpse into a completely imagined world. Whatever your inspiration, you will learn to help your audience suspend their disbelief through great writing that eliminates clichés, uses active language, and develops compelling, unforgettable visual scenery.

You will meet with the teacher and fellow students live on Zoom from 10-11 AM on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the teacher will guide you in fiction writing, and on Sunday students will share their work with each other and receive feedback. Additional readings, resources, and feedback will be available on the learning management system, Canvas.

Teacher Information:

Brian Heston is a faculty member in PAFA’s undergraduate liberal arts program with over 20 years of experience as a published writer and teacher.