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Re-Framing American Art/History: Whose America?

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Abby King
De Soto Raising the Cross on the Banks of the Mississippi, Peter Frederick Rothermel, 1851

Join Dr. Christian Ayne Crouch, Associate Professor of History at Bard College, with specializations in early modern Atlantic world history, Native American and Indigenous Studies, slavery, and empire, and Dr. Anna O. Marley, Kenneth R. Woodcock Curator of Historical American Art at PAFA, for a critical re-framing of iconic art works in PAFA’s collection. Using methodologies from art history, history, and material culture Crouch and Marley will teach participants how to use art as a historical source.

They will also offer methods to help participants deconstruct historic images that also empower them to analyze the construction of American citizenship through art and visual culture. Each session will begin with two key works in PAFA’s collection and the class will pose four key questions about American art history – whose history, whose America, whose gaze, and whose monument.