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Jewelry by Alexandra Lozier

Jewelry by Alexandra Lozier, courtesy of the artist   

On sale for one night only, stop by Porfolio for one-of-a-kind jewelry made by students and alumni from the University of the Arts.  PAFA will feature jewelry from alumna Alexandra Lozier and current student Jimin Jung.

Alexandra Lozier is a metal and glass artist currently working and residing in Brooklyn, NY.  Inspired by the natural landscape, she collects, composes, and encapsulates organic found objects in metal and glass as both wearable pieces of jewelry and sculpture.  Her work analyzes the ephemeral in an attempt to preserve it.

In January 2012, she opened her own silversmithing/jewelry studio, Touch of Gray.  The studio serves several functions:  it is her home base where she creates her own artwork, as well as fabricates jewelry for established artists and designers.  In addition, the studio is a communal space; providing emerging jewelry artists the necessary tools and equipment to make their work in a creative atmosphere.  Alexandra also works part-time as a glassblowing instructor and assistant.   Alexandra Lozier Biography.pdf

Jimin Jung is a jewelry designer currently pursuing coursework at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA where he is a candidate for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Crafts: Jewelry/Metals.

Jimin’s designs are informed by minimalism and modernism and driven by material exploration. He employs both contemporary and traditional technique to bring form to his artistic vision. Jimin Jung Biography.pdf

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Jewelry by Jimin Jung, courtesy of the artist