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Matt Herzog
A Real Allegory of Her Studio Mequitta Ahuja, 2015

PAFA has paused our scheduled public programming for this week. We are taking this time to listen, to reflect, and to honor Black voices in our community. We encourage our audiences to do the same.

An artist’s methodology is rooted in grit and designed by ingenuity. So how do we develop those qualities? What can we do to embolden our minds and extend the reach of our artistic practice 

Organized by artist and PAFA staff member Matt Herzog, this artist-centric group conversation will be driven by weekly themes, featured guest artists, and the needs of our maker community in order to engage fellow artists also tackling the challenges of managing a creative at-home practice.

As artists, we are powerful models for creative and critical thinking. Although we are not new to periods of isolation or reflective thought, COVID-19 has radically changed our routines and put our adaptive skills to the test. Many of us feel the importance of community, connection, and conversation even more now that we are forced into separation.