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Join Amy Lee Ketchum, Chair of the Animation department, and the Office of Admissions on March 24th at 5pm for a presentation on PAFA’s newest area of study: Fine Art Animation. Amy will give a brief talk about animation and what this new program will offer. She will even give a small presentation on an animation project you can do at home! This event is free, conducted over zoom, and is designed for prospective and accepted undergraduate students. Please contact with any questions. 

PAFA's concentration in Animation offers students an opportunity to explore the ever-expanding world of this art form. Our unique program connects PAFA's world-class undergraduate training in studio arts with moving imagery and narrative storytelling, emphasizing experimental fine art-based approaches to animation, including stop-motion and 2D animation techniques. The program also provides students with professional training on the latest digital platforms and techniques, preparing them for career paths in the animation industry. 

Amy Lee Ketchum creates poetic narratives and abstract worlds in her animations which draw from personal and collective memory, metaphysical narratives, and dance. She was raised by first-generation Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles and studied art and architecture at UC Berkeley. Inspired by the visions of phantasmagoria on screen, she went on to pursue a Masters of Fine Art in Animation at the University of Southern California. Her work has been shown on broadcast independent television, various international film festivals, and on the Centre Pompidou web channel.