Summer Art Camp



Summer Art Camp sessions takes place in PAFA’s historic Cast Hall from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for one week each. The daily schedule includes a morning session, including a light snack, followed by lunch on Lenfest Plaza (brought by each camper), and an afternoon session. Pre-camp is from 8:30-9 a.m. each day prior to camp.  After-camp sessions are available from 3-5:30 p.m. for your convenience.  Please call 215-972-2054 for more information.

WEEK 4: July 21-25

$300 per week/$280 with membership

Camp 13: Ages 5-7

PRINT IT: Stamp, carve and print the day away in the art studio! Explore the many ways to make a print including block printing, stencils, monoprint and other easy processes. Instructors encourage imaginative approaches and nurture creativity through class discussions, reading books and activities in PAFA’s galleries.

Camp 14: Ages 8-10

GLOBAL ARTS: Explore the techniques and materials of different cultures in this multimedia art-making experience. Campers will find inspiration in nearby Chinatown and view images and objects from all around the globe. Projects may include mask-making, painting, sculpture and mosaic.

Camp 15: Ages 11-13

MOCKING JAY WORKSHOP: Research and design your own personal symbol of protection and make jewelry, armor and more with your special images on them. Draw inspiration from the story of the Hunger Games and other sources to inspire imagery that you will use to create metal relief impressions, create wire body adornments, paint banners and more.  Only 4 spots left!

Camp 16: Ages 12-15

SCI-FI & FANTASY DRAWING: Sharpen your skills and learn new techniques for drawing your favorite characters. Then use these newfound skills to create your own cast of characters and the land where they reside. Materials will include pencil, pen and ink, marker, charcoal and watercolor.  Only 4 spots left!

WEEK 5: July 28-August 1

$300 per week/$280 with membership

Camp 17: Ages 5-7

EXPLORING CHARACTERS: Read and discuss some of your favorite characters from books, movies and songs. Learn how artists and authors make up characters and then create your own complete with story, drawings and models. Campers will use crayons, markers, pastels, paint and model magic to illustrate their character.

Camp 18: Ages 8-10

DESIGN & ADORN: Architecture, costuming, jewelry and artwork often use small decorative parts to make the pieces more special. Check out the work of PAFA artists Nick Cave and Mickalene Thomas, as well as local examples like the Mummers and Chinatown’s New Year dragon and how they use design, decoration and adornment. Campers will create paintings, sculptures, building models or costumes that consider pattern and texture.  Only 3 spots left!

Camp 19: Ages 11-13

VILLAINS & BAD GUYS: Explore the world of the wicked witch, Malificent, Smaug and others. Truly evil or just misunderstood? Take a look at their stories and how artists depict these characters, then create your own using drawing, painting and sculpting techniques.

Camp 20: Ages 12-15

ANIMATION: Learn how to add motion to your drawings or other found images to create an animated short movie to share with your friends and family.  Activities may include planning a story, creating characters, shooting your animation and hosting a movie screening at the end of the week.

WEEK 6: August 4-8

$300 per week/$280 with membership

Camp 21: Ages 5-7

DINOSAUR DAYS: Learn to draw, paint and sculpt these amazing animals by breaking them down into basic shapes. Take a trip over to the Academy of Natural Science to view their fabulous dinosaur hall for inspiration.

Camp 22: Ages 8-10

FACTORY FOR ART: PAFA was designed to be a “Factory for Art” by Frank Furness in 1876. Come breathe the creative air and view artworks in the museum, discover new techniques and use your imagination to create your own masterpieces in PAFA’s historic studios. Activities may include drawing, painting, sculpting and a variety of other fun and creative projects.

Camp 23: Ages 11-13

GREEN SCREEN MOVIE MAKING: Learn the magic behind green screen technology so you can dive to the bottom of the sea, explore ancient Egypt or play on a stage with your favorite band. Activities may include sketching out storyboards, looking at the work of other artists and making fun videos!

Camp 24: Ages 12-15

PORTFOLIO EXPLORATION: Draw from observation using still lifes, portraiture and PAFA’s amazing Cast Hall collection and explore imaginative abstraction, drawing and painting techniques.  Use pencil, charcoal, watercolor and acrylics to deepen foundation skills.  Only 4 spots left!

WEEK 7 August 11-15

$300 per week/$280 with membership

Camp 25: Ages 5-7

ARTISTS IN WONDERLAND: Venture down the rabbit hole to discover an art studio busy with painting, sculpting and drawing. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, campers will participate in gallery activities, art making, storytelling and art making in this fun filled week.

Camp 26: Ages 8-10

SILENT FILM MAKING: Perform, film and edit your own silent era short based on the greats like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Activities may include set design, script writing, making promotional posters and hosting a movie screening for family and friends.  Only 4 spots left!

Camp 27: Ages 11-13

FABRIC & FIBER:  Discover the world of fibers and fabric, and combine new skills with your own personal expression. Experiment with stitching, dying, painting and collage on fabric to create colorful and textured pieces.

Camp 28: Ages 12-15

SCULPTURE: Learn about sculpture and installation artists throughout history, as well as materials and techniques that will help you to create your own masterpiece. Activities may include working with clay, wire, paper pulp and found objects.