Visiting as a Family

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting PAFA as a Family:

1. Does the museum accomodate strollers?
Absolutely! We also have large coat check spaces for diaper bags, kids coats, and other things you may want to store during your visit.

2. Can we take photographs and selfies during our visit?
Snap away! PAFA's permanent galleries welcome photography (with the flash off at all times.)

3. Does the museum have tips for talking about art with my children?
PAFA encourages parents to ask questions like "What do you think is going on in this painting and what makes you say that?" to help young visitors develop their own vocabulary around art. The answers also might make you laugh!

PAFA also provides a downloadable Family Gallery Guide of the permanent collection which has activities for children to do during a visit to the museum. (Pencils only in the galleries, Moms and Dads!)


4. Are all PAFA exhibitions appropriate for my child?
Some PAFA exhibitions are geared more toward adults and PAFA's tradition of celebrating the human figure does include classical nudes at times. Ultimately, this is a personal preference and parents are encouraged to preview exhibitions or to contact the Museum Education department to learn more about what objects are on view.

5. How should my children behave in the museum galleries?
Your child should look, talk, laugh, question, play, and explore during their museum visit. We encourage active learning of all kinds, so feel free to encourage your child to act out poses from paintings, sketch with pencil and paper, tell stories and to do all of it sitting on the floor if that's where they are comfortable. We ask that you be cognizant of the experience of other visitors in a shared space and make sure there is no running or touching, but please, have fun!