Spring Orientation 2018
January 10th, 2018

Undergraduate Orientation 
BFA/Certificate - New & Transfer Students 

Below you will find information about Spring Orientation 2018 and links to forms and pages we think you might need. Check back regularly as we add more details! 

Meet the Student Services Team!

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Before you arrive

PAFA Email & G-Suite Account

All enrolled PAFA students will be assigned an email address. Information about setting up your new email address will be sent to the email address that was on your application to PAFA.  Be sure to set up your account before arriving at PAFA. Using this account you will have access to Google apps including Hangouts, Drive and Calendar to connect with people in the PAFA community.  

Your pobox.pafa.edu email address is the only email address that we will use to communicate with you about official PAFA information/business, so make sure you are able to log on, know how it works, and check it daily.  

For those who want to simplify, you can easily forward your PAFA email to any other personal email account you may have by following the steps through Google/Gmail Help. 

If you have any questions about your PAFA Email, contact Kevin Martin at kmartin@pafa.org.

Health Insurance

All PAFA students are required to have health insurance. Students who already have comparable insurance coverage may be eligible to waive enrollment in the PAFA Student Health Insurance Plan by completing the waiver form.

PAFA’s university-sponsored Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan is administered by First Risk Advisors and is underwritten by the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Health insurance allows students to take the greatest advantage of health and counseling services through PAFA's partner providers at Jefferson Family Medicine Associates and Penn Behavioral Health.

Look for an email in yout pobox.pafa.edu account for your student ID number and more details about the enrollment and waiver site.

To enroll, submit a waiver, or get more information about the coverage including costs, benefits, exclusions, reductions, and limitations, and terms, visit www.firststudent.com.

Disability Services

PAFA is committed to assuring equal educational opportunity and full participation for all students. Disclosure of a disability is voluntary, and a student’s responsibility. A student with a documented disability may be eligible to receive assistance through the Office of Student Services. Eligibility for reasonable accommodations is determined on a case-by-case basis after comprehensive documentation is reviewed.

Documentation must be current (within the last 3 years) and directly submitted by a qualified practitioner who is not related to the student. It must consist of a comprehensive assessment and include evidence of substantial impairment of a major life activity. Treatments and services currently utilized to minimize the impact of the condition should be described, as well as recommendations for accommodations in a post-secondary setting.

To submit documentation and request accommodations, visit the Office of Student Services on the third floor of the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building, or contact studentservices@pafa.edu.