Lectures & Special Programs

Being an artist is not only about skills—it's also about dialogue. PAFA offers a number of vibrant lecture series with noted scholars, critics, and artists to discuss their work with students.

Visiting Artists Program

The Visiting Artists Program is a student-run program that brings an outstanding roster of local, national and internationally exhibiting artists to campus each semester for insightful lectures, one-on-one critiques, performances and workshops.

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The Review Panel Philadelphia with David Cohen

The Review Panel Philadelphia, hosted by PAFA in association with artcritical.com, is a yearly series of four panel discussions hosted by The Review Panel founder, New York arts critic and writer David Cohen.

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Art at Lunch

The Art at Lunch series introduces a variety of lectures on American art and culture. Students can bring their lunch and enjoy discussions and lectures with scholars and artists covering a variety of topics related to PAFA’s exhibitions, collections and areas of interest.

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