Yasue Maetake

Visiting Critic
Yasue Maetake
Graduate Studies
Degree Program

Yasue Maetake is a Japanese-native, New York-based artist whose primary practice includes sculptures that extends her process to the space itself where she frequently creates the feeling of defying gravity. Maetake employs a wide variety of materials and influences that suggest associations with Baroque Era dynamism, along with natural forms, including animated matter, and industrial constructions. Maetake exhibited internationally, at venues including Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam; Queens Art Museum, New York; Espacio 1414, Puerto Rico and The Chimney, New York. Maetake received The New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Sculpture and has been a resident artist in the studio of El Anatsui in Ghana, with a research grant from the Agency for Japanese Cultural Affairs. In 2018, Artsy named Maetake one of 20 female artists advancing the field of sculpture. In 2019, her work was exhibited at the collateral exhibition at the 58th Venice Beinnale. 

Installation view of solo exhibition Reverse Subterrestrial, 2017 at The Chimney NYC, Brooklyn (photo by Hirofumi Kariya)
Precarious Windbreak 2019 H114 ½ x 67 x 71 inches polyurethan resin concealed iron rust, aluminum powder and copper corrosion on boiled and beaten mulberry bark (kozo) and cotton pulp, cane, steel, bronze
Symbolic Atmosphere VI (Static) 2019 H40 x 31 x 28 inches camel bones, clay, resin, sea shells, steel, brass
Urethane Flower on Steel Stem Clad with Foam 2013-2019  H91 x W110 x L67 inches steel, polyurethane resin, epoxy clay, burnt and varnished Styrofoam
Collaborative Installation Amorphous Terrain, 2018 with Andrew Erdos at mh PROJECT nyc, New York H126 x 87 x 96 inches copper corrosion stain on pulp (kozo, abaca and cotton), silicon glued safety-glass sheet, steel, cane and jute rope (photo by Hirofumi Kariya)