Stuart Shils

Resident Critic, Instructor
Stuart Shils
Degree Program
Continuing Education

Stuart Shils painted outside or looking through windows for 30 years, but now translates those visual impulses into other media related to collage, camera and light projection. His work has been presented in solo shows in New York, Philadelphia, Tel Aviv, Boston, Scottsdale, Richmond, San Francisco and Cork (Ireland). Critical review and commentary has appeared in newspapers, journals and magazines, including: The Brooklyn Rail, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The New York Sun, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Post,, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Irish Times, Art in America, The New Republic, The New Criterion, Art New England, American Artist, and The Hudson Review.


At PAFA he is a weekly critic, occasionally teaches an undergrad painting class, master classes for CE and is a teacher and critic for the Low Res MFA program. Beginning in 1994 he spent 13 summers working on the northwest coast of Ireland, an extended painting campaign described in the PBS film documentary Ballycastle. His paintings are represented by Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects in New York and his monotypes by Davis and Langdale, also in New York. He can be found with a camera in one pocket and a pencil in the other and his photographs are presented in the recent publication, because I have no interest in those questions ... .

Two French Summers, 2018
Glimpses of a Summer 40 Years Ago, 2018
1967, when my brother Larry was at school and we heard the Doors and were already reading Huxley, 2018
From a Time When We Looked At Paintings With Desire and Dreams, 2018
1972, Visiting Avi Near Antibes, Summer 2018
Visiting Phidias's Studio and Staying Much Later Than Expected, 2018
Pink and Red Papers, 2017
Remembering an Early Morning Conversation in Paper, 2017
cloud catching, digital photograph in germantown, 2016