Mark Blavat

Resident Critic
Mark Blavat
Graduate Studies
Degree Program

Mark Blavat received his BA from Temple University and his MA and MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. He lived (for no longer than one ought) in the company of poets and traveled with one to Iowa City. There he was granted an MA and MFA in Painting by the University of Iowa and there found himself immobilized and revived, charismatic, bereft and belonging to a company whose memory continues to challenge him.

The MacDowell Colony supported him for six weeks during a bleak winter. He began teaching in 1988 in his undergraduate department. In 1990 he was juried into a show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The brief spotlight brought him a yearlong affiliation with the Rittenhouse Gallery in Philadelphia. He has since abstained from gallery alliance and assignation of value to his work, which he believes insulates him from usurpations of frame and filter. He persists in his mistakes, which makes him a fool. He has taught in the graduate programs of PAFA since 1998. He has been tutored by many and tolerated by others of the splendid collegial body operating in this peculiar institution. Four times the PAFA graduate students have rewarded his efforts with honors for excellence in teaching, which makes him often a grateful dissenter to assumptions about inevitability and a proponent of the non-dual real.

Mark is a Critic and teaches the studio seminar Drawing Between Narratives for the Graduate Programs, and a Subject, Form and Content Seminar for the Post-Baccalaureates.   

Mark Blavat, '32 Pathways: Zayda at the Window - a Child's Apprehension of Death', oil on canvas, 54 in x 56 in, 2018
Mark Blavat, 'Sephirah: Shekinah', oil on canvas, 58 in x 54 in, 2002
Mark Blavat, '32 Pathways: Binah x of f', oil on canvas, 58 in x 54 in, 2018
Mark Blavat, 'Our Shroud.', charcoal on paper, 40 in x 30 in, 2004
Mark Blavat, 'Orphic Theater: The Sadness of Things.', bricollage, reconfigurable, ongoing