Daniel Heyman

Visiting Critic
Daniel Heyman
Graduate Studies
Degree Program

Daniel Heyman is a painter and a printmaker who spends a great deal of time teaching. His portraits are the results of in depth interviews with men and women who have had their human rights violated as a result of the recent spate of wars. He has drawn and painted Iraqi torture victims, Iraqi survivors of collateral violence in Baghdad, American homeless war veterans, ex-inmates from the Philadelphia prisons, and most recently female American service personnel raped by their male colleagues.

Heyman has received Guggenheim and Pew Foundation Fellowships among many other awards and residencies.  His work has been widely reviewed nationally including in Los Angeles Times, New York Times; Art in America, The Chicago Tribune; NPR; Philadelphia Inquirer; and The Boston Globe. As a teacher, Heyman has given workshops and lectured at the Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art, Fashion Institute of Technology, Centre International des Arts Contemporain (Pont Aven, France), and Philadelphia University. Heyman earned an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College.

Gibbon with Camel's Hump, oil, gouache, graphite on mylar, 36 x 54 in, 2013
Heart Fist, oil on mylar, 54 x 36 in, 2013
Learning Curve, oil on mylar, 42 x 30 in, 2013
To Ride the Son, oil on mylar, 42 x 30 in, 2013
Corrupted Eagle, etching and relief on paper, 17.75 x 23.25 in, 2009
When Photographers are Blinded, Eagles Wing’s are Clipped, etching and wood relief print, 136 x 169.25 in, 2010