Summer Session

May 27 through June 12, 2020

The Summer Session program provides currently matriculated college students at PAFA and beyond an opportunity to take intensive studio courses. Work alongside PAFA's exceptional faculty to enhance and expand techniques for your art practice. These classes will be ONLINE. 

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Tuition & Credit Information

Tuition Total Credits
$1800/course 3.0

Eligibility & Application Requirements

Advanced high school students and currently matriculated college students are eligible to apply.

Application requirements include a completed application and most recent high school or college transcript.

2020 Course Offerings

al gury teaching

Alla Prima Painting and the Figure

Monday–Friday | 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Instructor: Al Gury

We will address the figure and image making in a variety of traditional and contemporary traditions. Focus will be on developing strong composition, image making and understanding and developing better painting skills. Demos and reference materials will be posted visually and in text form. Daily written critiques, and Zoom meetings will be held for discussion and sharing of images with the entire class.
All levels of students are welcome and will be addressed individually, and students are welcome to work realistically, abstractly or in other methods of their choice to strengthen their abilities as an artist. Emphasis will be on creativity and developing a point of via in images

squid design pitch competition

Illustration I

Monday–Friday | 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Instructor: James Heimer

This course will be an examination of how we can use the core critical thinking behind illustration to make compelling content that thrives in the real world applications (e.g. children’s books, editorial, advertising, ideation, storyboarding, performance, product design, journalism, etc. Key projects will include illustrations for editorial, book covers, location-inspired media, and reportage.  Non-illustration majors interested in visual communication are encouraged to join this class. Students will need a flatbed scanner that is letter size or larger and a current subscription to Photoshop and InDesign. 

Digital Media Studio

Principles of Animation

Monday–Friday | 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Instructor: Amy Lee Ketchum

In this introductory course to animation students will learn basic principles of movement that apply to all forms of animation regardless of technique. Through screenings of historical and contemporary precedents, students will gain an understanding of what is possible in this interdisciplinary and versatile form of art. The course will cover techniques such as 2d hand-drawn, stop-motion, and digital animation using programs such as Dragonframe, Photoshop, Animate (aka Flash) and Adobe After Effects.

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