Pre-College Liberal Arts Classes

Learn to explore, analyze and interpret the world through liberal arts classes for pre-college students. These interdisciplinary courses give high school students the chance to tackle big questions and gain essential skills to prepare them for their next steps.

Pick the size and type of class that works for you—including weekend workshops, 5-week mini-courses, or combine certain mini-courses to earn 1.0 college credit. Grade and credit appear on a PAFA transcript if requested.  

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Weekend Workshops

Learn to write a stellar personal statement, an engrossing short story, or a persuasive essay!  All levels welcome.

These 2-day workshops provide focused skills development in the liberal arts. Live sessions take place for 1 hour each day on Zoom, with additional feedback  throughout the weekend. Additional resources, assignments and communication are on the learning management system Canvas.



Live Session Time

Writing "The Personal Essay" October 17 - October 18 Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 11 AM
Short Story Writing: Flash Fiction November 7- November 8  Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 11 AM
Persuasive Writing: Rhetorical Tools for Visual Rhetoric December 5- December 6 Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 11 AM

Tuition:  $110 for non-members, $99 for members. 

Liberal Arts Mini-Courses

Learn about history, social movements, gender, race and more through the lens of artistic production. Experts in their field teach academically mature high school students to critically engage with important topics.

Due to the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, PAFA is able to offer liberal arts mini-courses FREE to all teens

These 5-week courses meet weekly for 1.5 hours on Zoom with an expert instructor to guide student learning. Additional resources, assignments and communication are on the learning management system Canvas.

When noted, some mini-courses can be combined to equal a 10-week course to earn 1.0 college credit.




Live Session Time

Public Art in America: From Monuments to the Monumental* October 3-October 31 Saturday, 1-2:30 PM
The Art of Surviving the Apocalypse: Contemporary Myths and New Media+ October 6- November 3 Tuesday, 4:30-5 PM
Public Art in America: Landscapes and Cityscapes* November 7- December 12  Saturday, 1-2:30 PM
The Art of Surviving the Apocalypse: Imagining Diverse Futures+ November 10- December 8 Tuesday, 4:30-5 PM

Courses with the same symbol next to their title (* or +) can be combined to earn 1.0 college credit.

How to Register

Register Online

Registration Deadline: One business day before class
Scholarship Application Deadline: One week before class/workshop

When registering, students are responsible for:

  • Downloading their course materials list from the online course description 
  • Completing and submitting a Parent-Guardian Information and Consent Form  included in the materials list.  This form must be submitted before the first class to permit class participation and attendance on field trips. Students under age 18 are required to submit upon registering for any Continuing Education course. 
  • Viewing and agreeing to the terms of the CE Policy Guide.

Students will receive an emailed confirmation upon registering and an email reminder with the materials list, class information, and consent form shortly before the course start date.

International students are welcome! However, the registration process is different to support international payment systems. Please reach out to to register as an international student.


PAFA offers a limited number of full- and partial-scholarships for Liberal Arts Classes, open to all high school students based on need.

Application includes a simple form and a short personal statement.

 A scholarship application must be completed and awarded before registering for the course. Scholarships cannot be applied after registration. 

Scholarship application are due within one week of the class start day that application is for. 

Scholarship Application


The HEART Project, including Digital Humanities for Teens, has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.

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