Pre-College Liberal Arts Classes

Learn to explore, analyze and interpret the world through liberal arts classes for pre-college students. These interdisciplinary courses give high school students the chance to tackle big questions and gain essential skills to prepare them for their next steps.

Grade and credit appear on a PAFA transcript if requested.  

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Liberal Arts Mini-Courses

Learn about history, social movements, gender, race and more through the lens of artistic production. Experts in their field teach academically mature high school students to critically engage with important topics.

These 5-week courses meet weekly for 1.5 hours on Zoom with an expert instructor to guide student learning. Additional resources, assignments and communication are on the learning management system Canvas.

When noted, some mini-courses can be combined to equal a 10-week course to earn 1.0 college credit.




Live Session Time

The Art of Magic and Myths: Ancient Worlds* February 9-March 9 Tuesday, 4- 5:30 PM
The Art of Magic and Myths: American Culture* March 16- April 13 Tuesday, 4- 5:30 PM
Courses with the same symbol next to their title (*) can be combined to earn 1.0 college credit.    

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