Master Classes

PAFA's Master Classes offer students the opportunity to work with renowned artists with national and international reputations. They are scheduled in a variety of condensed formats, ranging from two days to one week, and may include a public lecture.

Artists have included Stuart Shils, Bill Scott, Odd Nerdrum, Bo Bartlett, Vincent Desiderio, Juliette Aristides, Sidney Goodman, Elizabeth Osborne and Ken Kewley

2020 Course Offerings

Christine Lafuente, Peonies and Peaches, oil on linen, 12 x 12 in.

Master Class with Christine Lafuente: Color Harmony in Tonal Painting (Online)

Monday - Friday, November 30 - December 4

Brooklyn-based painter and renowned PAFA alum Christine Lafuente is back with an all new oil painting master class.  Learn how concepts of tone, temperature, and key relate not only to color-mixing and paint-handling techniques, but also to light source in the personal studio set-up. 

John MacDonald, Spring Rain, oil on linen, 12 x 16 in.

Landscape Painting: Beyond the Photo (Online) with John MacDonald

Monday - Friday, December 7 - 11

Among representational artists, there has been an endless battle between those who paint from life and those who use photographic reference. But it’s a misplaced battle:  Whether working from life or photos, learn the key strategy of going beyond simply copying what you see, and instead using the information as a springboard for creating the paintings you want.

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