Art Lessons on Field Trips

Extend your Museum visit and enhance your guided tour with a supplemental art lesson for your students.  Students will create artwork that connects with their tour theme, which they will take home with them after the lesson.  Each lesson includes instruction and materials.

Available Art Lessons


Mixed Media:  Through experimentation and play, students will work with two different mediums and uncover how they react with each other. Whether it’s waxed based crayon and water color, or painting over collaged materials, students will work in stages to produce a completed image. Fee: $2/student; Length of lesson: 60 minutes

Perspective Drawing:  Learn about the principles of composition, and practice key drawing skills like shading, perspective, and value. Instructors can focus on still life objects, portraits, or figures. Fee: $2.00/student; Length of lesson: 50 minutes

Printmaking: Whether it's etching, relief, or monotype printing techniques, students will learn about artists working in that medium, discuss the process, and make their own prints to bring home. Fee: $4.00/student; Length of lesson: 60 minutes