The PAFA PRESS sponsors collaborative edition printing and printmaking on a professional level. Edition printing is where a faculty master printer creates an edition of prints in collaboration with an artist of significant acclaim.  Edition printing is a way of replicating images from a matrix. All printmaking mediums are available from traditional methods to contemporary mixed-media methods.  It is an autonomous business endeavor separate from our curriculum.  

A concurrent pedagogical purpose, called Collaborative Edition Practices, is embedded in a different printmaking course each year. The purpose of Collaborative Edition Practices is to invite a regional artist to work with printmaking students to create an edition.  

The PAFA printmaking department teaches edition printing both within and separate from the curriculum. PAFA’s printmaking curriculum includes a 40-year tradition of producing class exchange print portfolios and the annual departmental print exchange portfolios. The recent history of the PAFA PRESS includes several projects listed below.