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Headline after headline, the news of the day left an impact on Painting student Bethann Parker '19. She started painting issues of The New York Times in November of 2017 and soon realized she wanted to dedicate an entire year to exploring her perception of current events. With the help of PAFA’s Fine Arts Venture Fund, Parker was able to commit to a yearlong project, currently on view in the Broad Street Studio space.

Though many learn that American landscape painting begins with the Hudson River School, looking back a little further reveals that Philadelphia—and PAFA—is at the heart of this tradition. Coming to PAFA this June, "From the Schuylkill to the Hudson: Landscapes of the Early American Republic," tells the story of landscapes before the Hudson River School.

The idea of things not always being what they initially appear to be resonates with Kat Martinez (BFA '20). As a first-generation Cuban-American, she has a complicated relationship with the island and expresses it through her art. After meeting MFA Chair Didier William, Martinez knew she wanted a fine arts education to shore her technique. She was then awarded a full-tuition Maguire scholarship to PAFA.

After two years spent at the University of Pennsylvania through the PAFA-Penn program, Nicolas Tomlinson '19 is back in his studio at PAFA and turning those concepts into art. Tomlinson looks to historical figures in the black community and music as a source of inspiration and personal expression.

Like many artists, she’s using the drawings of another artist to spark her creativity and create something new. But MFA student Sam Dominik pulls her inspiration from her young nephew’s scribbles. She came to PAFA after meeting MFA Chair Didier William, who set her on a different path.

The Anne Bryan Memorial Award was established in 2015 to support PAFA students on their artistic journey. The annual award is given to a select student each year to develop their professional careers. Previous award recipients Fang Fang Ren (BFA '17) and Aubrey Brown (Cert. '18) discuss how they have used the award and its significance to furthering their artistic careers.

Second-year student Leslie Pickel stepped outside the studio to work on an archaeological dig site in Tuscany, Italy this summer. Over the course of three weeks, Pickel and her fellow diggers worked at a site on the top of a mountain, eventually discovering an Etruscan wall. Now back home in the States, Pickel is still processing the experience and how it can be incorporated into her art practice.

It’s not enough to make artwork for an exhibition in Stephanie Reyer’s "Digital Print and Web Design" class. For three weeks, students in Reyer's class designed a branding suite and layout for an exhibition that will feature their work and their classmates. Each student presented their design proposal to the class and voted to select a winning proposal.

Bringing together 30 young artists from 13 undergraduate programs across the country for the exhibition Crosscurrents, PAFA leaders hope to foster a sense of community among students. Crosscurrents is not only an opportunity for undergraduates to showcase their work in America’s oldest art museum, but the exhibition also serves as a scholarship competition for PAFA’s MFA program. Four scholarships are awarded, ranging from $2,500 to a full tuition scholarship to the MFA Program at PAFA.

For a traditional fine arts school, third-year Illustration student Kaisha Dukes wasn’t expecting much when it came to digital offerings and classes at PAFA. But she was pleasantly surprised by PAFA's extensive digital offerings, and the way professors provide mentorship and support in acquiring digital skills.