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On view in the Maguire Gallery are a series of prints by John and Richanda Rhoden. The Rhodens may have shown their individual work together during their lives, but not much is known about the collaborative prints they produced during their marriage. As stewards of John Rhoden's legacy, PAFA's curatorial team works to uncover the story surrounding the set of prints in its collection.

After spending 3 years out of the country, Ash-Bob initially wanted to stay in California to pursue art. Her art teacher and PAFA alumnus Andrew Walker Patterson '07 encouraged her to look east. Even though she expected to be a figure painter at PAFA, the desire for connection and to share with others ending up pushing her towards abstraction. For Ash-Bob, the connection she makes with other people is more significant than the work she produces, and whatever she makes is a way to connect.

At PAFA, first-year undergraduate student Aimee Liriano '22 is more than a thousand miles away from home, but she’s keeping the Dominican Republic close to her every day. Liriano transferred to PAFA as a graphic design student but quickly realized illustration is where her true passion lies. Outside of the classroom, Liriano is the co-founder of Cultura Latinx, a group for Latinx students.

As a student ambassador, Nasir Young ‘21 can’t help himself when it comes to sharing his excitement about art and PAFA. Young said he’s excited about the school because it took him a few years to finally get here. As a transfer student, Young found that experiencing community college first was integral to his progress as an artist, where he received the necessary training before taking the next step in his art career at PAFA.

PAFA is full of artists. From our accomplished faculty to students who are poised to be the next generation of great American artists, it’s hard to not bump into someone on campus with an art background. "Insider Art," on view in the Tuttleman Gallery, showcases the artwork of staff members who work in PAFA's administration, Museum, School, Security, and Operations departments.

On view this summer at PAFA, "From the Schuylkill to the Hudson: Landscapes of the Early American Republic" is as much an exploration of how Philadelphia influenced the Hudson River School painters as it is a celebration of Philadelphia’s roots as a modern city and its place on the world stage in the 19th century. The city was a pioneer for clean water for large cities and used art to promote the importance of clean water locally and around the world.

After more than 20 years at companies such as Gap and AT&T, Sally Richards '20 decided to focus on her art. She began by taking classes in the Continuing Education program, subsequently enrolling in PAFA's Certificate program to expand and refine her skills. That desire to zero in and focus has followed Richards as she plans to show in this year's Annual Student Exhibition.

Charles Mason III '19 is about to graduate with his MFA. His art has always centered on race, but the way he expresses that has changed over the course of his two years at PAFA. As other students prepare for the ASE, Mason has chosen to exhibit his thesis at a local art gallery.

Studying art was a dream Rebecca Segall '20 knew she would get to someday, but wasn’t sure how, or when it would happen. Life took her on a different path as she raised her family and started a business. She eventually took a few classes at the Main Line Arts Center, but it was a chance meeting with PAFA President & CEO David R. Brigham to revive her dream.

The practice of printmaking has Jonathan Lyndon Chase (MFA ’16) thinking about his work in new and different ways. But an opportunity from the Brodsky Center at PAFA gave Chase the chance to tread new ground. As the inaugural Artist-in-Residence at the Brodsky Center at PAFA, he has had the opportunity to create a limited edition print work that is now for sale.