The Application Process

The Application Process

Students interested in applying for the Coordinated BFA with the University of Pennsylvania must meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss the program, review academic record, discuss a plan of study, and walk through the application process.

While students may apply and be admitted into the BFA program at any time, their actual enrollment in the BFA courses will be contingent upon successful completion of the first 30 credits at PAFA.

The application and all materials are online:

Outside materials should be sent directly to:

University of Pennsylvania
College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) Office
3440 Market Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Pay close attention to detail with this application:

  • Essays (very important - should be planned, written and edited carefully)
  • Resume (even if this is very basic)
  • Transcripts (see below for more information)
  • Application fee (pay online or by check) made payable to “Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania”

Transcripts from:                                            

PAFA (Registrar’s Office)

  • PAFA Registrar can issue an unofficial copy to you to upload into the application, and send an official copy to Penn by mail.
  • BFA approval letter automatically accompanies official transcripts to Penn from PAFA

Each prior institution from which any academic credit (colleges, high schools) was earned

  • Note from LPS Application: if you completed less than two years of liberal arts work at the college level, you must submit an official high school transcript as well.

Allow plenty of time for transcripts to reach Penn. Make certain that all institutions know to send transcripts directly to the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (not the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in College Hall).

Standardized test scores (SATs, ACTs, etc.): 

While these are not required for the application process, the Admissions Committee will consider them if they are submitted.  Keep in mind that some high school transcripts automatically include copies of SAT/ACT scores.

Letters of Recommendation

We send an approval letter with each PAFA transcript, confirming the student applicant’s academic standing. Additional recommendations are optional.  Follow instructions on Penn LPS website for appropriate forms and guidelines.

When the Penn Admissions Office receives all materials, they will consider the completed application file.