"Annual Student Exhibition" Sponsor Spotlight: KAMELOT AUCTION HOUSE

Since its founding nearly 13 years ago, Kamelot Auction House has become a leading auction and appraisal service in the Philadelphia area. Kamelot now occupies more than 20,000 square feet in the historic Atwater-Kent Building in Philadelphia, and draws customers from across the United States and around the world. Last year, Kamelot generously sponsored the Annual Student Exhibition, and will do so again this year. As graduating PAFA students put the finishing touches on the work they will present in the 115th Annual Student Exhibition opening May 13, PAFA sat down with Tim Zeigler, Kamelot Director of Business Development, to discuss Kamelot’s support of this landmark exhibition.

Why is supporting PAFA important to Kamelot?

Tim Zeigler: PAFA has been creating and inspiring generations of talented artists. At Kamelot, we are creating an environment to market fine art. Both are very important and they are connected. We are extremely excited as we are expanding our auction platform for marketing fine art. We are moving later this year into a Philadelphia venue more than doubling our size, including a larger dedicated gallery space as we host stand-alone fine art auctions. 

What do you enjoy most about the Annual Student Exhibition and Preview Party?

TZ: Seeing the newest collective of artists coming out of PAFA and how they are influenced by the past. It is great to have this opening to interact with the student artists and hear their passion, inspiration, and love for their art. The exhibition also provides a wonderful opportunity to see and meet with so many art lovers and collectors also inspired by the student artists’ work. 

You are this year’s champagne sponsor for the Preview Party on May 12. What is the connection between Kamelot and the fine arts? Why are you in the fine arts market?

TZ: Art Collector Jeffrey Kamal is the founder of Kamelot Auction House and fine art is close to our heart. The auction world has a long rich history offering fine art. At Kamelot, we embrace this history as well as current technology to connect buyers and sellers of fine art throughout the Philadelphia area and around the world. We are looking to strengthen our connection as we move into our more expansive gallery space and enhance our fine art auction platform.    

April 27, 2016

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