Open Academy Policy Information

By enrolling in a PAFA BFA/Post-Baccalaureate class through the Open Academy, students agree to abide by the policies and regulations defined by the program and detailed in PAFA's Student PoliciesStudents are responsible for reviewing this important information prior to the first day of class.  Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal with forfeiture of tuition and fees.

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Application Guidelines

  • Students must have a high school degree or equivalent (GED) to participate in PAFA BFA/Post-Baccalaureate classes through the Open Academy.  A high school transcript may be requested upon application.
  • Only select BFA studio/liberal arts courses and Post-Baccalaureate Seminars are open for enrollment through the Open Academy.  Master of Fine Arts courses, all other Post-Baccalaureate courses, and thesis seminars are not eligible. 
  • Open Academy enrollment in any course is subject to the same prerequisite requirements defined in the course's description.  If a student applies for a course without first completing its prerequisite, the course will be considered ineligible for enrollment.
  • Students must first complete the mandatory Shop Safety course prior to enrolling in any course requiring use of the PAFA wood shop.  Space is very limited in shop safety classes; contact Peter Medwick, School Registrar, at or 215-972-2017 for space availability if applying to a sculpture course with this prerequisite.
  • Enrollment is subject to the joint approval of the CE Director, School Registrar, and the instructor of the course to which the student has applied.  See application requirements
  • Enrollment is subject to class size restrictions, with priority given to enrolled PAFA BFA/Post-Baccalaureate students completing degree requirements.
  • Students may enroll in the same course multiple times, subject to approval from the CE Director, School Registrar, and faculty member.  Students must apply each semester.
  • Students may not circumvent the application process through verbal permission from a faculty member.  Faculty may not be aware of current enrollment, wait lists, or other factors which might affect enrollment availability.

Tuition Payment and Refunds

Open Academy tuition is comparable to PAFA BFA per-class rates.  45 contact hours (3 hours/session for 15 weeks) =

  • $2,000 for 1.5 undergraduate credits
  • $1,700 for non-credit 

Additional materials/lab fees may apply.

Payment Policies:

  • Payment in full is due upon acceptance/enrollment, prior to the first day of class.  The Fall 2018 payment deadline is August 24.
  • Students may pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card), check/money order (made payable to "PAFA"), or cash.  All payments should be made directly to the Continuing Education Office in person, by phone at 215-972-7632, or by mail to the attention of Continuing Education Programs.
  • Checks returned by the bank as unpaid will accrue an additional returned check fee of $35.
  • PAFA cannot prorate courses based on late enrollment, withdrawals or missed classes.
  • Open Academy students withdrawing from courses are subject to the Refund Policies stated below.
  • Open Academy classes are not eligible for discounts, Federal Financial Aid, or PAFA scholarship assistance.

Refund Policies:
Withdrawals must be made in writing via letter (mailed to the attention of Continuing Education Programs) or email ( to the Continuing Education Programs Office.  Tuition refunds will be adjusted according to the following schedule:

  • Any time prior to the 2nd class:  75%
  • After the above, prior to the 3rd class:  50%
  • After the above:  No Refunds

Enrollment/Participation Policies

  • Tuition and any applicable lab fees must be paid in full prior to participation in the first class.  Students must adhere to all other payment policies.
  • Students may elect to take courses for undergraduate credit or non-credit.  Changes in credit status must take place through the CE office prior to the second class.  No refunds will be issued for changes from credit to non-credit.
  • Because acceptance to a course is based on the individual instructor's approval, no transfers are permitted for students seeking to change classes. 
  • Official withdrawal from courses may be granted up to the eighth week of the semester.  A “W” will appear on the transcript and will not be computed in the grade point average.  An “F” will be recorded for all withdrawals beyond the eighth week and will be computed in the grade average; an “F” cannot be changed to a “W” after the fact.  Official withdrawals must be approved by the Continuing Education Office.
  • Students are allowed up to 2 unexcused absences per semester without an automatic lowering of their grade.
  • Students are accountable for all applicable attendance, grading and other policies as they appear in PAFA's Academic Policies.  
  • Students enrolled in sculpture or printmaking courses must abide by the rules and safety regulations established by the Shop Managers. 
  • Students must adhere to all campus policies, classroom regulations, disciplinary procedures, and sexual harassment and misconduct policies and resources as defined in the PAFA's Student Policies.
  • Acceptance to Open Academy classes constitutes CE student enrollment, not full-time student status; as such, students are ineligible for BFA/MFA/Post-Baccalaureate extracurricular activities or studio rentals and will not be charged said fees.