Virtual Art Camp Information for Pre-Enrolled Families

Thank you for Keeping PAFA's Family Programs Strong!

Congratulations! Your child is already enrolled and guaranteed a spot in Virtual Art Camp.

Here is everything you need to know about virtual camp. You do not need to re-register. 

As always, each week will be a new artistic adventure at PAFA’s award-winning, and now virtual, Art Camp. We will miss our beautiful Historic Landmark Building and Cast Hall, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary problem solving and our talented artists are up to the challenge and have been hard at work adapting our program for this summer so that your children can be engaged, creative and safe. 

The Virtual  Camp offers is now adjusted to online  environment. Please review it  as soon as possible.  CLICK HERE FOR NEW SCHEDULE

You can select different weeks of camp, add a week, or reduce the number of weeks you've registered for.  To do that please fill out the Camp Changes Request form

Virtual Camp will still take place Mon-Fri from 9am - 3pm, using Zoom video conferencing as well as Canvas, PAFA’s learning management system. 

Here’s what’s different: 

  • Campers will be provided with an Art Toolbox that includes supplies needed to participate in their week(s) of camp. 

  • We’ve made camp a little cheaper ($250 per week)  We hope it helps. 

  • The parent handbook has been updated with important information about parental digital consent and oversight and behavior expectations for campers. 

  • We’re publishing a Daily Schedule  for camp, so you can make sure your child’s participation fits into your family’s home routines. 

  • Friday exhibitions will be virtual! Which means that your camper’s artwork will also be easier to share with distant friends and family members. 

  • There will not be After Camp available this year. 

The deadline to make any changes is June 1st. After June first regular Virtual Camp Changes and Refund Policy is applied. 

Since the Virtual Camp costs less, we will be reimbursing you for the difference. You may request a tuition credit towards 2021 camps and classes, or a full refund in a check form. (Please note that it may take 4-6 weeks to process the checks.) You may also chose to make a donation to support PAFA's family programs in the future.

Please fill out the Camp Changes Request form to confirm your transition to Virtual Camp. Please note that you have to fill this form for each child that you've registered for camp. 

Withdrawing from Camp

We understand that Virtual Camp may not be an option for you and regret not to be able to host your children on campus this year. We hope to have you back next year!

The deadline to request withdrawals is June 1st. After June 1st 20% processing fee of the total tuition payment is applied.

To request your withdrawal, please fill out the Camp Changes Request form. Please note that you have to fill this form for each child that you've registered for camp. 

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