The Director's Table with Alison Saar


After growing up in a family of artists, Alison Saar has embarked on an astonishing career as an artist, moving freely and seamlessly from the deeply personal to more political work, particularly dealing with the history of race in America. Saar’s ability to make work that speaks to history, race, and mythology in a time of political turmoil will provide a starting point for conversation when you take your seat at this Director’s Table event.  

About the Director's Table

Join Brooke Davis Anderson, Edna S. Tuttleman Director of the Museum and a special guest for a private evening of art, food, and wine after hours. Offering a unique opportunity for intimate conversation with up to 12 guests, these events will bring renowned artists and thinkers to the table for laughter, insight, and interrogation of issues important to them and to you. Price includes wine and dinner at a fine Philadelphia restaurant. Space is very limited and reservations are required.