Stiles Hall FAQ

What date and time can I move into Stiles Hall?

Stiles Hall Move-In is typically the Saturday before New Student Orientation begins.

How do I know that Stiles Hall is right for me?

New Students

We strongly encourage incoming undergraduates to live in Stiles Hall. Student housing offers a smaller, supportive community within the larger PAFA community. We have found that this small group helps to create comfort and stability for incoming students. The resident assistant and live-in Student Life Coordinator help students transition into their lives at PAFA with fun in-house events and daily support. Though welcome to stay for subsequent years, most students leave Stiles Hall after their first year to transition into off-campus housing in a neighborhood they like near PAFA.

International Students

Moving to Philadelphia from afar can be a big transition. By choosing student housing, some of the problems of a big move are solved. Our apartments come fully furnished with two on-site staff members, the Resident Assistant and the live-in Student Life Coordinator who are available to assist students during their transition to life in Philadelphia.

MFAs and Post-Baccs

Graduate students are welcome in Stiles Hall. Though many graduate students choose off-campus housing, those who live in Stiles will be provided with the same accommodations and support that undergraduates receive. Some Post-Baccalaureate students find that moving into the fully-furnished apartments at Stiles Hall save them from relocating their belongings during the program's one-year duration.

Who will be my roommate?

After submitting a housing application and deposit, students should then complete the “Let’s Get to Know You” questionnaire. The information provided through this questionnaire will help us understand what kind of roommate you are with questions such as “What time do you go to bed?” “What does privacy mean to each of you?” “How often do you do the dishes”? We do our best to pair you with a roommate that shares your habits and interests!


Can I see my room before I move in?

We have lots of photos and floor plans to check out here. You are also welcome to check out Stiles Hall 360 for a panoramic view of a room at Stiles Hall.

What furnishings are included in my room?

The bedroom includes an extra long twin bed, desk, desk chair and wardrobe. The standard kitchen is equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink. The living area includes a kitchen table, chairs and a couch. There is also a bathroom in every apartment with a standing shower, toilet, sink and mirror.

Does my room come with a desk?

Yes, there is a standard sized desk and chair in each bedroom.

Are utilities included?

All utilities are included in the housing rate, as well as, television cable, phone, internet access and laundry.

Is my room air conditioned?

Yes, all rooms at Stiles Hall have air-conditioning.

Does PAFA require enrollment in a meal plan if you live at Stiles?

We do not offer meal plans for our students. Each apartment in Stiles Hall has a full kitchen and full-sized refrigerator, so most students choose to cook at home. Whole Foods is conveniently located at 2101 Hamilton Street. Reading Terminal Market is also nearby, at 12th and Arch Street.

Tableau, PAFA’s full-service café, is also a great place for students to catch a bite. Located on the ground floor of the Hamilton building, Tableau serves baked good, hot and cold beverages, soups, salads, sandwiches and snacks.

Tableau Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. & Sunday: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Check out our Good Eats & Getting Around Town Newsletter for more information

Click here to see a list of grocery stores and markets near PAFA

Is parking available at Stiles Hall?

Philadelphia is one of the most walkable cities in the country, and we do not recommend bringing a car unless it is a necessity. Stiles Hall is located near the Race-Vine stop on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line and near many bus routes.

If you must bring a car to Philadelphia, please be aware that the average cost of parking in Center City starts at approximately $185 per month. We suggest taking a look at Best Parking Philadelphia to find a garage near Stiles.

Is there a gym?

There is no on-site gym at Stiles Hall, but many local gyms offer discounts to PAFA students.

Here is a list of gyms and fitness centers near PAFA Campus

How many students stay in Stiles Hall?

We have accommodations at Stiles Hall for approximately 55 students.

Are they all undergrads?

Students from the BFA, MFA, and Post-Bacc programs choose Stiles Hall, however, a large majority of our residents are in their 1st or 2nd year of their undergraduate degree.

How do I get to PAFA?

PAFA is less than a half mile from Stiles Hall, so walking and biking are easy and fast.

Click here to see bike locking and storage tips

How do I get back to Stiles at night?

PAFA offers van service to students at 10:15 pm and 11:15 pm every night. This service is great when it’s cold or raining or when students have a lot to carry home.

Where is the closest doctor or hospital?

Offering full emergency services and an array of specialists, Hahnemann Hospital is located at 230 Broad St. about two blocks from Stiles Hall. Additionally, PAFA students receive free doctors’ visits at Jefferson Family Medicine at 833 Chestnut Street, by appointment only.

More details about health services available to students at PAFA are on our Health & Wellness page.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are not allowed at Stiles Hall.

Where do I do my studio work?

Independent, on-campus studios are not available for students early in the undergraduate programs; however, students are welcome to use PAFA’s classrooms and labs open every evening until 10 pm. For those working from home in Stiles Hall, we also provide drop cloths, and the floors in the apartments are tiled for easy cleanup. 

Where is the nearest grocery store?

Whole Foods is conveniently located at 2101 Hamilton Street. Reading Terminal Market is also nearby, on 12th and Arch Street.

Click here for a full list of grocery stores and markets near PAFA

What is an RA?

A Residential Assistance (RA) is a student-staff member who works and lives in on-campus housing. The RA shares the responsibility for implementing the basic goals of the Office of Student Services by promoting individual and community development through educational and social programs. The RA's role consists of several components including being a campus resource, a peer counselor, a community builder, and assisting with both PAFA and Residential Life policy enforcement.

Can I stay over the summer?

We offer a pro-rated fee for students who wish to remain in Stiles Hall during the summer. Email for more details.

I don’t want to stay at Stiles over the summer, where do I store my belongings?

A U-Haul Moving and Storage facility is located at 13th and Wood, two blocks away from Stiles Hall. There are often promotions for PAFA students. Email for more details.

Can I change my apartment once I get there?

Student Services staff will try to resolve any roommate conflicts and take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation if space allows.

Will I get my housing deposit back if I decide not to live there?

The housing deposit is not refundable once a student has completed their housing application. Students only receive a refund of their deposit if they live in housing for all terms indicated on their application and leave their apartments in a clean and orderly condition. There will be charges taken from the housing deposit for any damages to facilities and furnishings.

What does it cost?

Stiles Hall rates are listed here.

Will I get my housing deposit back at the end of the year?

If your apartment is clean and without damage, you should receive your deposit back in full.

Click here to view a list of common damage charges.

How do I sign up?

Incoming students can apply to live in Stiles Hall by completing the online Housing Application and submitting a non-refundable $350 housing deposit. The Housing Application link is posted on their decision letter in the Self Services Center. Incoming students are given priority over current PAFA students, but it is recommended to get your application in early to guarantee placement.

Returning students should contact Katherine Volpe,, to apply for housing.

Housing is then guaranteed only upon receipt of a separate tuition deposit (for new students), or confirmed course registration for the Fall semester (for returning students).

What should I bring?

Dorm Room Essentials lists some of the things you may need or want for your room at Stiles. We encourage you to look through this list while planning what to bring.

I need special accommodations. What do I do?

PAFA is committed to ensuring that our programs, policies, and procedures comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and/or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as other federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities. We encourage any student requesting accommodations during the school year to contact us at or call 215-972-2199. We can walk you through the process and send you the necessary forms.