Camp Overview


Summer Art Camp sessions take place in PAFA’s Historic Cast Hall from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for one week sessions. The daily schedule includes a morning session, light snack, lunch in Lenfest Plaza (brought by each camper), and an afternoon session. Drop off is from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. each day. After-camp sessions are available from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. 

Registration for the Summer of 2019 will open the first week of February.  To be added to the Family Programs E-newsletter please email:



What is the deadline to sign up for camp?

There is no deadline but certain camps will sell out by mid march. We will have a waiting list should this happen.


Who can attend?

Any child interested in art!

What age children can attend camp?

Camp starts at age 5; we feel that Kindergarten is good preparation for a camp setting. Classroom experience will provide the structure necessary for a positive camp environment.

How long are the camps?

  • Drop-off is between 8:30am-9am.  Camp starts at 9am.
  • Pick-up is between 3pm-3:15pm. Camp ends at 3pm.
  • After-care is available from 3pm-5:30pm.

How much does camp cost?

Summer Camp 2018

Camp begins June 25- 29 and the last week is August 6-10th.

After Camp can be purchased for $130 per week or $30 per day.

Where do the camps take place?

The first day of each camp will begin in PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building in the auditorium. From there, students will break into their classes either in the Historic Landmark Building or next door in the Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building. Students will have their classes in the historic cast hall art studios, throughout the museum exhibition spaces, the Connelly Community Education Center, or in the digital lab.


Who provides lunch?

Campers bring their own lunch to camp daily.  We are not able to refrigerate lunches or heat lunches.  Please label your camper’s lunch bag with their name. 

The camp will provide a snack and food allergies can be accommodated. If you would rather send a snack with your camper, please feel free to do so.

Where is lunch?

Lunch takes place outside in Lenfest plaza (weather permitting). Every Wednesday, campers eat lunch in the Friends Center Courtyard at 15th and Cherry.


How do I sign up for after camp?

You can sign up with online registration or prior to the week of camp. PAFA requests ample notice for planning.

What are the hours of after camp?


What activities happen at after camp?

Campers will have a snack and may play a game outside, play games inside, read, draw, etc.


What happens if the week of camp I want to sign up for is full?

In that case, we will create a waitlist. Please email to be placed on the waitlist.

What happens if I'm on a waitlist and a space opens up?

We will contact you and process your registration over the phone.

We won't be able to attend a full week of camp, is that OK?

Yes, but we do not pro-rate over individual circumstances.

Can I transfer my camp session to a different week?

Yes, if there is space available.


Is camp open on July 4th?

There will be no camp on July 4th.

How will payment change during 4th of July week?

Camp that week will have a pro-rated rate of $264 Non-Members and $224 for Members. 


When are payments due?

Typically, upon registration, however, payment plans are available.

Do you offer scholarships? How do I apply?

We offer full assistance on a sliding scale based on household income and teacher recommendation. The deadline is April 1.  We do not accept scholarships beyond this date. Notifications happen on a rolling basis. Due to the high volume of applicants, we kindly ask that you do not make phone calls in regard to scholarships applications.

How can I donate to your financial assistance program?

Please call us:


What is the Refund/transfer policy for camps?

Summer Art Camp Refund Policy

Refunds for cancellations prior to May 15 for Summer Camp will be assessed a 20% processing fee of the total tuition payment. There will be no cancellation refunds given after May 15th with the exceptions listed below.

  • If there is a waiting list for the camp and someone is willing to take your spot in the camp, you may be eligible for a full refund.
  • A camper who becomes ill or injured during the week of their camp may receive a prorated refund as determined by the Camp Director.
  • Refunds may be granted for reasons of illness, injury (a doctor’s certification may be requested) or death in the immediate family.

Other Information

  • Refunds will not be granted for scheduling conflicts or no-shows.
  • Refunds will not be granted to campers who leave camp by their own choice.
  • Campers may transfer to an alternate session, if space permits, without penalty.
  • Refunds will be made to the individual who made the original payment.

What discounts do you offer?

If you join PAFA at the family member level then you receive a 15% discount for registration per week.  We also offer a 10% Sibling Discount off the total registration. 

Should you choose to purchase Multi-Week camps here is the breakdown of those discounts:

3 weeks- $20 off per week

4 weeks- $25 off per week

5+ weeks- $30 off per week

Both membership and sibling discounts will also be applied to multi week discounts.

What are the Late Pick up fees?

For general pick-up, parents may be charged for the full price of aftercare if they are later than 3:30 pm.

For aftercare, parents/guardians will be charged $1 per minute for every minute past 5:30 pm that they are late. 


How do you group kids together at camp?

Students are grouped by age:

  • Ages 4-6
  • Ages: 5-7
  • Ages: 8-9
  • Ages: 10-11
  • Ages: 12-15

Can my PAFA camper join their sibling / friend in an older / younger age group?

Yes, we can work with you to slightly adjust age groupings. Should skill or behavior affect camp we reserve the right to relocate the camper to a more appropriate grouping.

How do you deal with serious allergies at camp?

Parents of campers with serious allergies are asked to pack emergency medication daily. Staff will confirm that medication is packed.

What level of medical care for my camper are you able to accommodate?

On site, we have basic first aid supplies and pain relief medication. There is no nurse on site. Parents will be contacted in case of injury. In case of emergency, we are close to Hahnemann University Hospital (230 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102).

Do PAFA camps serve children with special needs?

While PAFA staff is trained in behavior management and special needs accommodations, we are not a special needs camp. We ask that you provide any information that will help us to ensure a good experience for your camper. 

Do you allow international campers?

Of course!

How do I stay in touch with my child while they are at camp?

Please use the museum education offices main telephone number: 215 972 2054


How do I know your staff is trustworthy?

Our screening process includes: interviews, a PA state background check, a federal check performed by completing an FBI fingerprinting procedure, and a child abuse history clearance. All staff working with youth under the age of 18 years of age follow the above procedures in accordance with the law.  

How do you know the right child is going home with the right adult?

Your child’s safety is always our first priority.  We will be asking you to show your photo ID when you come to pick up your camper.  There will be 2 staff members at each station to help you sign out.  Another staff member will escort your child out to you.  Your patience is appreciated.

For more details and a map of dismissal procedures, please see the parent-guardian orientation guide.

Do you have protocol in the event of an emergency, like a fire?

All staff are trained in proper procedures in case of an emergency.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?  

We have 1 adult for every 10 campers.

What is the staff’s age?

All staff are over 18.


What should my camper wear/bring to camp?

Art camp may get messy! Please dress appropriately.  Staff will make every effort to keep campers neat and clean, but campers should wear clothing that can get dirty.  Also, campers may want to bring a sweater or sweatshirt in case they feel cold in the museum.  Please label your child’s clothing with their name.

Campers should also bring a lunch that does not need a fridge or a microwave. Please label your child’s lunch with their name.


What does a typical day at PAFA Summer Camp look like?

The daily schedule includes a morning session, light snack, lunch in Lenfest Plaza (brought by each camper), and an afternoon session. Drop off is from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. each day. After-camp sessions are available from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.

What if my camper loses something at camp?

There will be a Lost and Found kept in the Director’s Office.  Please call 215-972-2054 if you need assistance in locating a lost item.  Unclaimed items will be discarded one week after the end of camp.



Are there activities for parents to attend?

Each Friday at 2pm family members are invited to an exhibit of work created that week.  Announcements will be sent out prior to the show.  It is very helpful to send your camper with a box or bag to bring home their artwork.  All projects must be taken that day.  You can receive a discount on parking fees by parking in a Parkway Corporation parking lot and having your ticket validated at the front desk of the museum.

What if my child is sick or is unable to attend camp for another reason?

In general, we do not refund for illness. Please see refund policy for details and exceptions.

I have ideas for how to make camp better! How should I share them?

Please email or call

Katie Samson, Camp Director Office:

 215 972 2054

Melissa Brazeau, Summer Camp Assistant (part-time) Office:

215 972 2036


What is the drop off procedure?

Drop off is between 8:30am-9am.  Camp starts at 9am

Please drop your camper off no later than 9am so that they are able to participate in the full day of camp and don’t miss out on important information.  Monday morning Parents/Guardians must escort their camper into the auditorium of the Historic Landmark Building (HLB) Campers can be dropped off in front of the HLB steps Tuesday through Friday and check in with the staff that will be stationed in front of the building and inside to receive and direct campers to the auditorium.  Lead counselors will take their group from the auditorium to the art studio at 9 am.

What is the pick up procedure?

Pick-up is between 3pm and 3:15pm. Camp ends at 3pm

Please be on time! And bring a photo ID.  Please do not enter the building during dismissal time, we are trying to dismiss your campers as quickly as possible.  A staff member will gladly answer questions or concerns after 3:15 p.m.  If your camper is not picked up by 3:30 pm, they will join the after-camp group and you will be charged an after-camp fee of $30. Campers should be picked up in front of the museum at 3pm.  Guardians authorized for pick-up are required to show ID when signing out campers.  Campers will only be allowed to leave with people who are authorized by written permission of the camper’s legal guardian.

If you are driving, please pull your car up next to the curb in front of the Hamilton Building (128 North Broad Street) and wait for a staff member to come to you with the sign out sheet.   Your camper(s) will be escorted by another staff member out of the building and to your car.  Please do not leave your car, we will come to you.  A Parent Pick Up sign will be provided for your car windshield.  If you are walking, please see the staff that will be stationed in front of the Historic Landmark Building (118 North Broad Street) and sign out your camper(s) with them.   Your camper(s) will then be escorted out of the building to you.  A map is attached to this FAQ below.