Michael Kowbuz

Originally from Canada, Michael Kowbuz holds an MFA from PAFA and an MA in Community College Teaching from Northern Michigan University. He makes drawings, paintings and prints and has exhibited both regionally and nationally. His work is about looking at filtered images of the world, whether via reflections, photographs or the fog of memory, articulating these visions and asking the question “What is real?” He seeks to turn our mediated views of the world inside-out, transforming them into something unique with subtle qualities of color, light, temperature and texture. His painstaking painting process is purposefully perverse—an act of quiet rebellion to the dominant forms of communication in our culture.

In her review, "Curating the Personal—I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind' at Seraphin Gallery" (June 2010), Montana Torrey described Kowbuz’s painting Honda as “funny, sad, and well-painted.” He is also the co-proprietor of Cerulean Arts Gallery and Studio in Philadelphia. 

Kowbuz teaches Drawing and Painting in the PAFA Continuing Education program.