Dolores Bartholomew

Dolores Bartholomew received a BA from SUNY Buffalo, a MS from University of Maryland, College Park, and a PhD from the University of Oxford, England. She has led a dual life of both scientist and artist with professional activities in both realms. Her research experience is in the area of plant nutrient-and-stress responses to drought and salt conditions. She studied the underlying photosynthetic- and membrane transport mechanisms involved at the physiological, biochemical and molecular levels. She has been a researcher at DuPont and the University of Pennsylvania.

Her art experience includes training in graphic art, illustration, children’s book writing and illustration, watercolor, and botanical art illustration. Science has been a source of inspiration or a source of supplies for her prior art. More recently, she has developed an award-winning art series that is the central feature of her art company, “Meanings of the Heart Art." The art, while whimsical in style, addresses a pressing need to educate, inform and support the development of strong family ties and loving relationships. She has used research findings in how the human brain creates memories and learns to inspire and inform the style of her art for this series.  

Bartholomew is a juried member of the Delaware Foundation Of The Visual Arts and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

She teaches Topics in Science in the BFA program.