Past Exhibitions

PAFA and Dr. Barnes

April 07, 2012 July 08, 2012

Gallery 12, Historic Landmark Building

In celebration of the debut of the Barnes Foundation in its new home, this exhibition explored the connections between PAFA and Dr. Albert Barnes

111th Annual Student Exhibition

May 11, 2012 June 03, 2012

Galleries of the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building

PAFA's annual student exhibition, sale, and competition for the coveted Travel Scholarships

Cynthia Norton: Freedom Rings Placed Within

March 03, 2012 May 27, 2012

Historic Landmark Building

Cynthia Norton, performing as her country music alter-ego, Ninnie, explores the peculiar relationships between folk traditions, readymade sculpture, storytelling, and technology

Public Treasures/Private Visions

June 15, 2009 May 30, 2010

Gallery 10, Historic Landmark Building

A rare opportunity to see Hudson River School masterworks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and works from private collections.

Faculty Collects

October 01, 2009 January 17, 2010

School of Fine Arts Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building

An exhibition of art from the personal collections of PAFA faculty.

Barkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool

October 17, 2009 January 03, 2010

Fisher Brooks Gallery, Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building

The first career retrospective of Philadelphian and PAFA alumnus Barkley L. Hendricks, acclaimed for his life-sized portraits of people of color.

Malcolm McLaren: Shallow 1-21

October 24, 2009 January 03, 2010

Morris Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

The North American premiere of a video work by Malcolm McLaren, combining “musical paintings” and film imagery into a hypnotically layered, provocative work.

Abstraction from the Collection

October 02, 2009 December 13, 2009

Walter and Leonore Annenberg Gallery, Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building

Exploring abstractionism through the works of art in PAFA's permanent collection.

Summer Shorts

August 18, 2009 October 13, 2009

Morris Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

A selection of video works by Philadelphia-based artists.

Elizabeth Osborne: The Color of Light

June 26, 2009 September 20, 2009

Fisher Brooks Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building

For 40 years, the Philadelphia-based painter Elizabeth Osborne has explored the psychologically-charged space between abstraction and realism in post-war American art.