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Material World

February 23, 2018 - April 1, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, February 23rd, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Material World is an exhibition of mixed media works by PAFA's current graduate and undergraduate students who were given the prompt to submit mixed media works on paper. Many of the works remain on paper in their final form; however, some of the pieces developed beyond the use of two-dimensional paper into sculptural forms and works on panel, fabric and found objects.

Participating artists and current PAFA students in Material World:

Jessica Elena Aquino [MFA], Rachel Briggs [MFA], Ellana Cohen [BFA & Certificate], Bernadette Colburn [Post-Bacc], Melanie Delach [MFA], Benjamin Grzenia [MFA], Wenbo Gu [MFA], Emily Jensen [MFA], rod jones ii [MFA], Melissa Joseph [MFA], Adriana Lobel [BFA], Julia Darcy Magidson [BFA], Charles Mason III [MFA], Julia McGehean [BFA], Chelsea Nader [MFA], Addison Namnoum [MFA], Caitlin O'dea Ott [Certificate & Penn-BFA], M.Adil Ozturk [MFA], Jung Yoon Park [MFA], Bethann Parker [BFA], Ha Ninh Pham [MFA], Jasmine Samson [BFA], Maggie Schermerhorn [MFA], Isabelle Schipper [MFA], Freeman Schlesinger [Certificate], Mike Schley [MFA] and Rebecca Segall [Certificate]