Boca (Your Memories Are My Myths): A Performance by Nestor Armando Gil/Taller Workshop

Detail of "Boca (Your Memories Are My Myths)" performance.

Nestor Armando Gil/Taller Workshop will perform Boca (Your Memories Are My Myths), 2007/2018, an endurance body artwork during the opening of SWARM. on June 28th at 7:00 PM.

Gil/Taller Workshop's performance and sculpture practice examine rites of passage, transitions between borders, and diasporic dispersals. This visceral work involves the pouring of coffee, sand, sugar, and tobacco, materials associated with colonialism, into the artist's open mouth by members of his collaborative practice, Taller Workshop, which are then spat out by the artist when the physical burden becomes too much. Investigating the material endurance of colonialism and its impact on the body as "myth" passed from father to son, the performance enacts a type of digestion and a simultaneous expulsion of history and memory.

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