Water Series #30

Yvonne Pickering Carter

Water Series #30


Yvonne Pickering Carter (b. 1939)




Watercolor on paper collage


21 3/4 x 29 5/8 in. (55.245 x 75.2475 cm.)

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The Harold A. and Ann R. Sorgenti Collection of Contemporary African-American Art


| © 1985 Yvonne Pickering Carter

Extending the possibilities of watercolor by folding and sewing paper together has provided Carter with a means of creating a sculptural dimension that makes her work appear both spontaneous and experimental. In this spirit of fluidity, "Water Series" concerns itself with reflections of the sky and the movement of the wind across the surface of water. Interest in textures, the play of light on moving surfaces, and the interplay of pigment hues holds a fascination for Carter who is also a performance artist who designs and creates her own flowing costumes with the intention of creating an aqueous flow of energy with her body in space.