Liberal Arts

Develop writing and research skills that deepen understanding of visual arts traditions, and cultivate a distinct and personal artistic vision.

A liberal arts education arms students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to explore contemporary art issues. Artistic inspiration is also found in exploring literature, poetry, history and the sciences.


Emily Abendroth
Assistant Professor
Dolores Bartholomew
Kevin Richards
Interim Master of Fine Arts Chair; Professor
Jayne Yantz
Adjunct Instructor, Art History


Studies in the Liberal Arts are supported by the Arcadia Fine Arts Library, the Digital Lab and the classrooms and seminar rooms of the 4th floor.

Degree Programs

PAFA’s School of Fine Arts offers a world-class professional education that focuses exclusively on the success of the emerging fine artist. With over 200 years of experience training artists, we nurture the artistic development of our students. Our priority is the quality, comprehensiveness, and relevance of a fine arts education to develop and pursue an artistic vision wherever it may lead.

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