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List of Peale House Gallery Exhibitions - 1964-1977

3–25 October 1964Recent Acquisitions by the Pennsylvania Academy 
3 October–8 November 1964Stuart Davis: Paintings 
29 October–29 November 1964Ben Kamihira: Paintings
14–29 November 1964Elaine de Kooning: Portrait Sketches of John F. Kennedy
3 December 1964–3 January 1965Charles Burchfield: Paintings 
3 December 1964–3 January 1965Hobson Pittman: Paintings 
7 January–7 February 1965Mary Cassatt: Paintings and Prints 
14 January–14 February 1965Walker Hancock: Sculptures 
14 January–14 February 1965John McCoy: Paintings 
11 February–14 March 1965Four Contemporary Artists from California: Elmer Bischoff, Joan Brown, David Park, Roland Peterson 
18 February–21 March 1965Walter Steumpfig: Paintings 
18 March–25 April 1965Rico Lebrun: Paintings and Drawings 
24 March–25 April 1965Roswell Weidner: Paintings and Drawings 
28 April–16 May 1965Prints of Old Japan
23 September–31 October 1965Peale Club Collectors Show
23 September–31 October 1965Jimmy Lueders: Paintings 
4 November–12 December 1965Jimmy Ernst: Paintings 
4 November–12 December 1966Julian Levi and Harry Rosin 
16 December 1965–23 January 1966Paintings by James Brooks, Hans Hoffman, Conrad Marca-Relli, and Pierre Soulages 
16 December 1965–23 January 1966John Hanlen: Paintings 
27 January–6 March 1966Horace Pippin: Paintings 
27 January–6 March 1966Paul Anthony Greenwood: Sculpture and Drawings 
11 March–17 April 1966Two Illusionist Painters: William Michael Harnett and John Frederick Peto 
11 March–17 April 1966Morris Blackburn: Oils, Watercolors, and Prints 
21 April–29 May 1966Edwin Dickinson and Homer Johnson: Paintings 
1 June–31 July 1966Daniel Garber and Henry McCarter: Works of Art from the Permanent Collection 
22 September–30 October 1966Abraham Rattner 
3 November–11 December 1966Exhibition by Former Chairmen of Juries for the Annual Exhibitions: Harry Bertoia, Julian Levi, Jack Levine, Oronzio Maldarelli, Arthur Osver, Harry Varnum Poor, Theodore Roszak, Franklin Watkins, and William Zorach 
3 November–11 December 1966Margaret Gest: Memorial Exhibition of Paintings 
15 December 1966–29 January 1967Arthur B. Carles: Paintings
15 December 1966–29 January 1967Dan Miller: Recent Works 
2 February–12 March 1967Charles Demuth, Arthur B. Dove, and John Marin 
2 February–12 March 1967Louis B. Sloan: Paintings 
16 March–23 April 1967Latin American Art 
27 April–4 June 1967George Catlin: Paintings 
27 April–4 June 1967Leon Kelly: Paintings and Drawings 
21 September–4 November 1967The Peales: Seven Painters 
9 November–10 December 1967Arshile Gorky: Paintings and Drawings 
9 November–10 December 1967Elizabeth Osborne: Paintings and Drawings 
14 December 1967–28 January 1968Edna Andrade
14 December 1967–28 January 1968Richard Diebenkorn: Drawings 
31 January–3 March 1968Augustus John: Paintings and Drawings 
31 January–3 March 1968Early Moderns 
7 March–14 April 1968James E. Brewton: Memorial Exhibition of Paintings 
7 March–14 April 1968Robert Rauschenberg 
18 April–26 May 1968Lyonel Feininger 
19 September–27 October 1968Art Collecting Philadelphia Style: Selected Works from a Private Collection 
3 October–8 December 1968Wharton Esherick: Sculpture, Furniture, Paintings, and Graphics 
12 December 1968–26 January 1969Joe Amarotico: Paintings 
12 December 1968–26 January 1969Sidney Goodman: Paintings 
30 January–9 March 1969Peter Miller: Paintings 
30 January–9 March 1969Mark Tobey: Paintings and Drawings 
13 March–13 April 1969Savelli: Inner Space 
17 April–11 May 1969Selected Works from a Private Collection [Mrs. Herbert C. Morris]
18 September–15 October 1969Leon Karp: Paintings, Graphics, and Drawings  
18 September–15 October 1969John Sandlin: Recent Graphics 
23 October–30 November 1969Three Years Later, What?: Paintings and Sculptures by Advanced Students and Recent Cresson Winners 
4 December 1969–4 January 1970 Will Barnet in the Sixties 
14 January–10 February 1970Sculpture: New Forms, New Materials 
19 February–15 March 1970Contemporary Photography 
19 March–15 April 1970Lenore Tawney: Collages, Constructions, Drawings, Objects, and Weavings 
19 March–15 April 1970Arthur De Costa: Paintings 
23 April–May 3 1970Max Beckman: Paintings, Graphics, and Drawings
1-31 May 1970Recently Acquired Prints and Drawings 
June-July 1970Afro-American Artists 
2-31 July and 8-27 September 1970Richard Merritt: Photographs 
17 September–28 October 1970Alex Wyse vs. Pomposity and Pollution 
29 October–19 November 1970Murray Dessner: Paintings 
29 October–19 November 1970Larry Day: Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors 
26 November 1970–3 January 1971John Formicola: Paintings 
26 November 1970–3 January 1971The Assembled Works of Jeanette Kohn
14 January–21 February 1971Suzanne Bloom: Paintings 
4 March–11 April 1971John Castagno: Paintings, Serigraphs, Constructions, and Sculpture 
4 March–11 April 1971Morris Blackman: Paintings and Drawings 
14 April–13 May 1971Printmakers '71 
14 April–13 May 1971David Stephens: Sculpture 
20 May–31 July 1971Academy Faculty 
10 September–13 October 1971William Baziotes 
10 September–13 October 1971Eugene Baguskas: Paintings and Drawings 
21 October–28 November  1971Karel Appel: Graphics 
21 October–28 November 1971Shalom of Safed 
9 December 1971–9 January 1972Return to the Figure: Paintings by Romare Bearden, Sidney Goodman, Mitzi Melnicoff, Alex Katz, Armando Morales, and Philip Pearlstein 
4 February–12 March 1972The Best from Two Great Collections: Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Woodcuts and Hogarth Prints from the Pennsylvania Academy and the Philadelphia Museum of Art 
23 March–30 April 1972Marshall Glasier, A Selective Retrospective: New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin: Paintings, Drawings, and Environment 23 March–30 April
10 May–18 June 1972Two Interior Worlds: Martha Zelt Stanton—Prints and Drawings, and Marjorie Ruben—Drawings and Paintings 
1-30 July 1972Continental Pleasures: European Paintings from the Permanent Collection 
14 September–22 October 1972Ellsworth Ausby and James Phillips: Paintings 
2 November–10 December 1972Elaine Galen: Paintings and Constructions 
1 November–10 December 1972Stefano Cusumano: Paintings 
21 December 1972–28 January 1973Elijah Pierce: Painted Carvings 
21 December 1972–28 January 1973Justin McCarthy: Drawings and Paintings 
8 February–18 March 1973Robin Fredenthal: Architectural Sculpture 
29 March–6 May 1973Charles Fahlen: Sculpture and Prints 
18 May–24 June 1973A Contemporary View of Past Accomplishments: A Selection of Works from the Permanent Collection by Philip Pearlstein 
7 July–26 August 1973The Continent Revisited: European Works from the Collection Selected by Tom Armstrong 7 July–26 August
20 September–28 October 1973Will Brown: Photographs 
29 September–28 October 1973Bruce Katsiff: Photographs 
8 November–16 December 1973John Moore: Recent Paintings and Watercolors 
20 December 1973–6 January 1974Prints in Progress (Print Club exhibition)
16 January–24 February 1974Roger Brown and Art Green 
28 March–24 April 1973-1974Prizewinners and Other Selections from the Twenty-Seventh Annual Exhibition of the Cheltenham Art Center 
3 May–16 June 1974The Pennsylvania Academy and Its Women, 1850-1920
19 September–27 October 1974Selected Works from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts' Twentieth-Century Collection 
7 November–15 December 1974Leif Skoogfors: Photographs of Northern Ireland 
7 November–15 December 1974Rochelle Toner: Prints, Drawings, and Box Constructions
21 December 1974-6 January 19751974Prints in Progress (Print Club exhibition)
16 January–23 February 1974Raymond Saunders and Sidney Goodman 
6 March - 13 April 1975Harry Anderson and Thomas Chimes: Departure from the Present 6 March–13 April
24 April–1 June 1974-1975Tony Greenwood and Marilyn Levine 
12 May–20 June 1975Recent Acquisitions 
30 July–6 September 1975Pennsylvania Academy Moderns 
18 September–26 October 1975Work by Mitchell/Guirgola Associates 
18 September–26 October 1975Work by Venturi and Rauch 
6 November–7 December 1975Garry Rich: Recent Paintings 
17 December 1975–11 January 1976Prints in Progress (Print Club exhibition)
22 January–29 February 1975Joel Sternfeld: Recent Color Photographs 
22 January–29 February 1975Lois Johnson: Recent Work 
11 March–18 April 1975-1976Stanley Boxer: Recent Sculpture 
11 March–18 April 1976Carol Fertig: Recent Work 
2-8 May 1976Chestnut Street Revisited (presented in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects)
12 May–16 September 1976Symbols of Peace: William Penn's Treaty with the Indians 
14 October–5 December 1976Jo Hanson: Crab Orchard Cemetery 
16 December 1976–16 January 19771976Prints in Progress (Print Club exhibition)
27 January–6 March 1976David Pease: Recent Paintings
27 January–6 March 1976Dennis Will: Two- and Three-Dimensional Work 
17 March–24 April 1976-1977Edith Neff: Recent Work 
17 March–24 April 1977Eileen Goodman: Paintings and Drawings 
18 May–7 August 1977Ten Philadelphia Graduates: 1975 Alumni of Five Philadelphia Art Schools 
3-27 August 1977Employees of the Pennsylvania Academy 
21 September–23 October 1977Valerie Jaudon and Don Lantzy 
2 November–4 December 1977David Fertig and Daryl Mackie 
14 December 1977–8 January 1978Prints in Progress (Print Club exhibition)
18 January–5 March 1977Friday Architects/Planners