Anatomy Now

In conjunction with the exhibition Anatomy/Academy, Anatomy Now explored the many ways that artists use anatomy as a tool for drawing and constructing their figures, as well as a source of inspiration, beauty, narrative, symbol, expression and pictorial organization. Rather than being an overwhelming smorgasbord of conflicting choices, a figurative artist today can take strength and inspiration from the freedom available to them in pictorial possibilities. Combine this freedom with uncovering what is compelling and inspiring to an individual artist, figuration becomes a passionate journey of exploration with aesthetic ancestors and relatives as a source of support and validation.

The study of anatomy continues to be one of the important curricular points in the training of art students at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). The liberal beliefs of Thomas Eakins focused around knowing and trusting the visual world of observation and academic knowledge. PAFA students have as a base and point of departure for all their aesthetic explorations, a curriculum that merges objective knowledge and discipline with personal expression, and artistic traditions and canons with unique creative visions. The study of anatomy at many different levels adds to the depth and breadth of the finely and broadly educated contemporary student at PAFA.  Anatomy, with its companions science, aesthetics and culture, continue to captivate and inspire modern artists going forward into 21st century.

Curator: Al Gury, Professor and Chair, Painting Department
Dates: January 27 - April 17, 2011
Location: School of Fine Arts Gallery: Gift of the Women’s Board, Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building