Alumni Association

The Alumni Association consists of over 7,000 PAFA alumni in the United States and abroad and provides institutional support and connections for alumni through a variety of resources and regional events. Membership is open to all who have completed at least one year of any of PAFA's degree-granting or certificate programs. The Alumni Association Council is convened by PAFA to help achieve the goals of the Alumni Association.

The mission of the Alumni Association is to:

  • Engage the alumni and foster a strong bond between PAFA and its alumni.
  • Provide opportunities for alumni in regards to connection and exhibition and promote alumni as artists.
  • Foster a society of artists that is invested in and supports the work of PAFA and that continues to mature and remain steadfast with students of the past, present, and future.


2018-19 Alumni Association Council Membership

Join the Alumni Association Council

If you would like to be considered for the Alumni Association Council, please complete the form below and upload your resume/CV. You may also download a copy of this form in PDF format.