Traveling Lecture Series

Rhina Banerjee, Take me, take me, take me…to the Palace of love, 2003

The Traveling Lecture Series, offered in conjunction with ongoing exhibitions, brings museum staff members out to your institution to give a talk about an artist or art movement important to our mission. We’ll bring a powerpoint presentation, information about PAFA programs, and our expertise in the field, and all we ask is that you bring an audience.

Current Topic

Rina Banerjee: Make Me a Summary of the World- until March 31th, 2019.

Rina Banerjee: Make Me a Summary of the World is the first in-depth exploration of the contemporary practice of Bengali American artist Rina Banerjee, opening at PAFA this Fall. Though Banerjee’s work has been shown extensively in Europe and South Asia, PAFA will be the first North American museums to delve into the artist’s complex and fanciful worlds.

This talk will be an introduction into  Banerjee’s large-scale sculptures and installations made from materials sourced throughout the world, Banerjee’s works investigate the splintered experiences of identity, tradition, and culture, prevalent in diasporic communities.

Using a variety of materials ranging from African tribal jewelry to colorful feathers, light bulbs, and Murano glass, Banerjee’s art celebrates diversity at the material level. These sensuous assemblages present themselves simultaneously as familiar and unfamiliar, thriving on tensions between visual cultures and raising questions about exoticism, cultural appropriation, globalization, and feminism.


Future Topic Coming April 2019

From the Schuylkill to the Hudson: Landscapes of the Early American Republic

From the Schuylkill to the Hudson: Landscapes of the Early American Republic will delve into the important and underexplored tradition of landscape representation in Philadelphia from the Early American Republic to the Centennial Exhibition (1876) and how that corpus shaped the better-known Hudson River School. Philadelphia's key role in the growth of American landscape painting has never been the subject of a major museum exhibition. This traveling lecture will illuminate the growth of the genre from its roots, through its rise into the public consciousness.

In addition to exhibiting fine art paintings and prints, From the Schuylkill to the Hudson: Landscapes of the Early American Republic will share with visitors the broader story of landscape representation in Philadelphia by including decorative ceramics produced both locally and globally. A highlight of the exhibition will be a group of major Hudson River School paintings acquired by PAFA over the last 10 years, including works by Cole, Albert Bierstadt, David Johnson, Frederic Church, and Thomas Moran.

The works shared in this talk will be drawn primarily from PAFA's superlative permanent collection—along with select public and private local collections—underlining the key role Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Academy itself played in the development of landscape painting in America. 


Important Note: These topics are specially priced due to their relevance to current PAFA projects. Institutions are welcome to request other topics and custom talks, but fees for developing special topics will be significantly higher and are still subject to staff availability.