CE Certificate Programs

For the serious student-artist, PAFA Continuing Education now presents Certificate Programs to enhance your technical skills and professional presence through a curriculum of focused study under the guidance of expert faculty-artists. Whether seeking to boost your personal or professional studio practice, build a foundation for undergraduate or graduate arts study, or lay the groundwork for a variety of arts-related occupations, PAFA's unparalleled fine arts instruction will propel you toward your artistic goals.


Fall 2019 Application Deadline:  September 6

Select program to view complete requirements and to apply.


  • Individually tailored assistance in course selection.  Call the CE office for course recommendations that fulfill program requirements and best fit your needs.
  • Individual guidance and feedback on your progress.  Enrolling in CE Certificate classes for credit means that students receive additional attention and assessments of their work in the classroom.  A Faculty Advisor will be assigned to Certificate students for additional mentoring and critical advice.  
  • A flexible timeframe.  Requirements can be completed in 1 - 5 years. 
  • Access to PAFA Open Academy classes.  CE Certificate students may elect to fulfill Certificate requirements with eligible BFA and Post-Baccalaureate classes through PAFA's Open Academy Program.  Ititial Open Academy application requirements (other than portfolio images) will be waived for students already accepted to the CE Certificate Programs.
  • Scheduled critiques with PAFA faculty.  Receive feedback on your work and progress as well as helpful insights for future development. 
  • Access to student support services. CE Certificates students may participate in career workshops and counseling through PAFA's Career Services.
  • A Certificate of Completion to commemorate your achievement.
  • Online Exhibition at the conclusion of the program and recognition at the CE Annual Juried Student Exhibition.
  • Complementary One-Year Alumni Membership.


  • Each Certificate is composed of 8 - 12 CE courses, with options to fulfill requirements with Open Academy classes.  Course requirements vary by Certificate -- see program descriptions.
  • Certificate programs culminate with a independent studio or other prescribed individual study program to promote personal interests.   
  • Courses must be taken for credit, which entails assessment for a grade based on attendance, participation and quality of work.  Grading requirements vary by course/instructor.  Credits will appear on PAFA transcripts, available upon request.
  • Critiques and meetings with an assigned faculty adviser are scheduled at regular intervals, based on the rate of completed courses. 
  • CE Certificate students must complete their Certificate course of study within 5 years of their semester start date.  Resuming Certificate course requirements after this time limit will require reinstatement into the program by application and fee.